Kelsey Waldon Is the First Artist to Sign to John Prine’s Record Label in 15 Years

Kelsey Waldon, the singer-songwriter from Monkey’s Eyebrow, Kentucky, first caught the ear of John Prine with her sharp songwriting and lilting voice. On Tuesday night at the Grand Ole Opry, the seminal songwriter announced that Waldon would be recording her next album for Prine’s Oh Boy Records. The addition of Waldon to the label, which in its 38-year history has released projects by Kris Kristofferson and Todd Snider, marks Oh Boy’s first artist signing in 15 years.

Following the onstage announcement, Prine invited Waldon, who had just performed on the Opry, to join him for two of his songs, “Unwed Fathers” and “Paradise.”

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Eileen Tilson