Kelsey Waldon's White Noise/White Lines Available Now!

We are so proud to announce that Kelsey Waldon's new record, White Noise/White Lines is out today. Get your copy from your local record store or listen on a streaming service, to enjoy Kelsey debut record with Oh Boy! We feel so lucky to have Kelsey be part of the Oh Boy family.

"White Noise/White Lines is a record of many things. It's the beginning, the end, and the in-between. It's vulnerable, human, unvarnished, empowered, unforgiving. It's an album of growth and process. It's a rooted quest for value. A lot of times, this album felt like a stream of consciousness for me, trying to make sense of the world around me while also trying to make sense of myself. In many ways, I felt like I hadn't told my story yet.” - Kelsey Waldon

Purchase Your Copy Now on Oh Boy Records Here:

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